BOUNCE is the Number 1 Sportainment venue in Thailand, proudly delivering fun and healthy activities for those who love a challenge! Bounce Inc. has Trampoline Parks the perfect venue for team building and group activities.

BOUNCE group experience is a blend of fun team building activities and basic skills development,
with an element of healthy competition.
To ensure the group has an awesome experience, our group sessions are “hosted” by a dedicated team member and can be customised to suit any objective, age and skill level.

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BOUNCE’s team building activities help individuals shake off personal stereotypes and inhibitions in a fun environment that allows everyone to connect with their authentic selves.
BOUNCE facilitators help overcome any constraints of hierarchical status and allow the group to benefit from what’s possible when each member feels comfortable to let go.

BOUNCE’s team building activities create a team platform that improves the dynamics required for achieving success together.It’s about getting to know one another while having fun, and creating meaningful connections in a pressure-free and healthy environment.

Bounce team building program, consists of several group activities and games. We can customize our activities, games and programs to suit your needs and assure the best outcome.

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