Adventure Challenge Course

By December 29, 2016Uncategorized

X-PARK @BOUNCE The Street – Adventure Challenge Course

X-PARK at BOUNCE is an indoor adventure challenge course combining elements of climbing, jumping & free-running before zipping on the aerial runway to the finish line.

BOUNCE has created the ultimate adrenaline playground! Designed by the world-leaders in parkour, climbing and challenge courses such as Ninja Warrior, the X-PARK is the definitive for those seeking a person athletic challenge.

The course incorporates 17 different sections, comprising varying routes for beginner to advance free-runners. Each element can be explored as a stand-alone challenge or navigated as one circuit with different levels of difficulty to allow for personal progression and creative expression. Participants will have their speed, agility, endurance, upper and lower body strength tested as they either freestyle their way through the course or race against the clock!